AN OUTSPOKEN councillor has joined forces with a former Labour councillor to set up a new political party.

Clr Robert Brierley is named as the nominating officer for Wigan Real Labour – which was registered with the Electoral Commission last week – and the party address is given as his home address, Thomas Street in Hindley Green.

Emma McGurrin, who will be defending her Standish seat in May’s local election after she was deselected as Labour’s candidate, is listed as the party leader.

Both refused to comment on the creation of Wigan Real Labour.

Leader of Wigan Council Lord Peter Smith said: “This ‘new’ party contains just two councillors, one who has been kicked out of the Labour Party and the other has already been in four different political groups on the council so this makes it five.

“They have little in common except frequent references to Standards Committee for their behaviour. The name is trying to confuse voters but anyone who examines their track record will see through them for what they really are.”

The party lists among its founding principles ‘to make real decisions for real people, standing for all young, old and vulnerable and real lives, real people, real Labour’.