Boarders: Peter and Rosemary Aldred

Atherton couple Peter and Rosemary Aldred are full-time boarders for guide dogs in their intermediate training.

Being in their 60s, they were apprehensive about the long-term commitment of owning another dog after the death of their pet, but they missed having a dog around the home.

“Becoming a boarder was ideal for us,” said Rosemary.

“You don’t have to worry about going on holiday as the dog can go to another boarder, all the food and leads are provided for, there are no vet bills to worry about but we get the joy of having a dog in the house.”

In the space of 18 months the couple have boarded six dogs. And although Rosemary admits it was difficult to see the first one go, she is comforted by the fact they have an important job to do.

“As one goes another one arrives, so you don’t really get time to think about it,” said Rosemary.

“We’re kept updated on their progress, and knowing how they are doing helps because you just want to know they are happy in their next place.”

The couple are now keen to spread the word on how rewarding boarding a guide dog in training can be.

“I love it,” added Rosemary.

“I can’t recommend it enough – it’s a wonderful thing to do.

“It’s so lovely to have a dog around the house and knowing that you’re helping out a charity at the same time.”