A YOUNG boy and his mum are facing an agonising wait to see if he can have a life-changing operation.

Jake Rose and his mum Debbie arrived at the University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital in Cleveland, America, last week to see if nine-year-old Jake can undergone a major operation to stop him having up to 200 seizures a day.

He has suffered from epilepsy all his life but his seizures intensified two years ago due to a focal cortical dysplasia, a collection of abnormal cells in his brain.

The doctors in Madrid, where Jake and Debbie live, have done all they can to remove the cells, meaning they had no other option but to seek out specialists who could and raise £100,000 to fly to America.

Debbie, who is originally from Lowton, said: “He was being monitored until Wednesday and then had an MRI scan. We will then leave the hospital for a week while all the team discuss the pros and the cons regarding surgery, the first part of which is scheduled for the July 30.

“For me it's a not an option - I most certainly want to go ahead with the surgery, the consequences can be worked on later. However, it's ultimately down to the medical team here in Cleveland.”

Nearly a quarter of Jake’s brain will be removed during the operation to ensure all the abnormal cells are gone but this could leave Jake paralysed on the left side of his body.

He should regain some movement but it is a risk that they are willing to take.

“Every time Jake has a seizure it damages his brain. Every time he learns something he has a seizure and the knowledge is knocked out of him,” said Debbie, who runs a hairdressing salon.

“It is a risk but I would rather he couldn’t walk then he lost his ability to speak or remember – they’re the bits that make him who he is.”

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