AN IMAGE of how the guided busway will look when it is up and running has been released.

Transport for Greater Manchester released an artist’s impression of how Sale Lane in Tyldesley – one of seven pairs of new stops - will look when the 4.5 mile guided busway between Leigh and Ellenbrook is completed.

All new stops for the £68 million busway will be fully accessible, with shelters, CCTV, real time electronic information displays and cycle parking, according to TfGM.

Reporter Sophie Arnold headed to Tyldesley to find out what people thought of the image.

Lesley Stevens, aged 55: “The busway on the line, that’s fine because that doesn’t affect us.

"We know we have got to have it, we would have sooner it had been a tram – that would have been ideal – but we just have to accept that.

“The lines don’t affect us but it coming through Tyldesley, I can’t understand. It is just going to kill Tyldesley town centre.”

Shelley Fox, aged 34: “I think it will look very nice but I think the traffic is going to be horrific. It is horrific at teatime along Astley Street anyway and to put traffic lights on it is going to cause havoc.

“It will help people get to Manchester but it doesn’t help people in Manchester when they are trying to get home from work.”

Edward Blower, aged 65: “I think it is a good thing, it is only where the train line used to be so I can’t see how it affects anybody anyway.

“I don’t think it will bring people into Tyldesley, people will carry on riding past like they do now. I travel to Manchester quite often so it will make life easier for me.”

Your Facebook comments:

Jaime McGarrie - Funny.... Let's be realistic now. It's a waste of time, effort, money and is munching into the only part of Leigh that isn't built up... what the hell!? POINTLESS. It will not look like that picture it will be an old diesel engine bus with one passenger on it coz no one will use it aaarrgghh!

Stephen Hawkes - When the plans went for public appraisal I wrote an email voicing my concerns which were ignored. So from start to finish this whole project has been about political egos and putting cash in the pockets of those who don't care one bit about Leigh or its residents.

Adam Emmison - More traffic lights on a road that's already jammed with traffic. Clever.

Dave Furness - Great idea and regeneration of the old lines.

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