A SCUBA diving enthusiast is helping to entice shoppers to explore under the sea.

Jared Logan is one of the youngest members of the Sub C Divers branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) based in Atherton and is currently promoting the sport at an event at Stretford Mall.

The 14-year-old, of Holden Road, Leigh, joined the club a year ago and is now using Life’s a Beach, a seaside-themed shopping centre event, to call on others to take the plunge.

“I’ve never been a very sporty person but my nan suggested a few different hobbies to me and I liked the sound of scuba diving as I’d always been interested in aquatic sports,” he said.

“I was quite a nervous person when I started but it has definitely boosted my confidence and given me skills I wouldn‘t normally have.

“All of the instructors are really friendly and encouraging, plus you get to do something a bit out of the ordinary.”

Members of the Sub C Divers are handing out leaflets to promote the sport at the event which has seen the landlocked shopping centre filled with sandcastles, free entertainment, crafts, competitions and beach-themed activities.

The Golborne High School pupil added: “Scuba diving is a fascinating, amazing sport and you get to experience once in a lifetime things.

“I’d definitely recommend that people give it a go.”

The Sub C Divers, founded more than 35 years ago, meet every Wednesday from 8pm until 10pm at Howe Bridge Sports Centre in Atherton.

  • For details on the Sub C Divers, visit bsac.com or call instructor Alf Draper on 07768 840466.

Life’s a Beach runs until Saturday, from 11am until 4pm every day.