AFTER waiting two years for the right conditions, a biker has finally travelled faster than 200 miles an hour.

Pete Williams reached 203.1 miles an hour on his Suzuki Hayabusa after he was able to finally test out a nitrous oxide kit that he had added after getting his bike to 196.6 miles an hour in 2012.

The 72-year-old took up drag racing and sprinting 50 years ago after reading about the sport in American magazines and is determined to continue for as long as he can.

“I’ve been waiting almost two years for the right conditions because there has always been a head wind or a cross wind and I haven’t felt it was safe before now to use the nitrous oxide,” he said.

“Everything came together a couple of weekends ago and I clocked 202.4 mph on the Saturday before reaching 203.1 on the Sunday at Elvington airfield in Yorkshire.”

Pete, a member of the Straightliners Club, suffered a heart attack in 1998 and being diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2010 he has never let anything slow him down and is now in remission.

He said: “People ask me what it feels like all the time and all I can say is it is windy.

“You can feel the air drag as you change gear.

“There is a lot to concentrate on, I have to remember which gear I am in, staying straight on the track and you only have a quarter of a mile to stop so you have to brake quite hard but not so hard that the wheels lock and I’m chucked off.

“To put it into perspective, it is as fast as a Formula One car, it is virtually three times the motorway speed limit and it’s 20mph faster than a jumbo jet’s take-off speed.

“It will silence a few knockers who say I’m over the hill.

“At least I’ve got to the top of the hill.”

Pete, of Beaverbrook Avenue, Mee Brow, Culcheth, is hoping to add another 10 miles an hour next year by improving the streamlining of his bike and is also modifying a jet engine in his garage.

Watch Pete in action as he reached 202.4 mph: