PROTESTERS held a devilish demonstration outside the office of an MP.

Campaigners from Manchester People's Assembly gathered outside the office of Bolton West's Chris Green, who is responsible for Atherton, on Sunday night.

Some had dressed as witches, ghosts and other ghouls for the Halloween inspired protest.

One protester even dressed as Prime Minister Theresa May and it was held due to the small majority Conservative MP Mr Green won his seat by at the last general election.

Mr Green was inside his office while the protest, which involved around ten people, was taking place.

The People's Assembly is a movement against austerity and aims to engage people with politics and issues through using more entertaining forms of protest.

Part of the protest saw witches writing 'spells' on the pavement in chalk outside the office including 'end austerity' and 'zero contracts' out.

At one point the protester dressed as Theresa May knocked on the door of the office and Mr Green came and spoke to her briefly before going back inside.

The MP, who currently has a majority of just 936 votes in his constituency, later left his office and walked through the protesters but did not engage with them.

One of the organisers of the protest, Rafe Comm, said: "It went very well. Chris Green was in his office.

"While the process was going on he came out and went away.

"The People's Assembly is trying to bring a bit more fun and entertainment to political engagement.

"We are trying to increase engagement and bring something different to political discussion.

"We thought it was important for people to know that Bolton West is a very marginal seat. We have brought a little bit more engagement to the area.

"The whole point was that we got the witches out because it is Halloween to curse Chris Green.

"We were getting quit a few messages from local people too.

"Bolton West is certainly on the People's Assembly radar.

Mr Green responded to the protest on social media.

He said: "Funny experience tonight with a gang of verbally abusive protesters outside my office as I was catching up on constituency correspondence."

Mr Comm called for the MP to communicate with them in future.

He added: "He is not listening to us and he is not listening to his constituents.

"If he will not talk to us we need to try something different.

"I don't really know what he means by verbally abusive."