WELL-stocked Wigan Council has been approached to supply road grit to councils who have run out.

The gritting team, who still have a stockpile for two weeks, say there is no chance of they will not have enough to cope, but have so far hung on to their supply.

Gritters have been working round the clock throughout the cold snap which has brought misery and delays to motorists.

It has been impossible to grit all routes and priority has been given to main routes and roads used predominantly by emergency services and buses.

The council’s road safety team are offering advice to all road users.

Manager Julie Dagnall said: “We may have got off lightly compared to the rest of the country, but even within our borough driving can get treacherous if there’s snow and ice about.

“People travelling longer distances, really need to be prepared and drivers need to be aware that even treated roads can be slippery:.”

Julie’s top tips are: •always check the local and national weather forecasts before setting out, •fill up before going home - don’t begin a long journey on a low tank of fuel, •inform people when you expect to arrive at your destination •is a journey through bad weather absolutely necessary?

Julie said: ““No car is complete without some potentially life saving equipment.Torch, de-icer, a flask for a hot drink and keep a spare warm coat in the car at all times. Don’t forget the mobile, but never use it while driving of course.”

Drivers’ packs containing the Highway Code, information and hints from experts on safe winter driving are available from the road safety team on 01942 488250.