PAUL Rowley is urging the town to continue their recent backing of his unbeaten league charges.

Dewsbury Rams visit Leigh Sports Village looking to continue the form that has seen them climb to fifth in the Kingstone Press Championship on Sunday.

“Other than our loyal fans we’d also like to see a few come back who came to the Elton John gig on Saturday,” joked the Centurions boss.

“Our fans have been good and we’d like to keep that increasing. I think this week is huge for us.

“Not only is it going to be really tough, I just think it’s massive for us to get back home after a really tough, successful period.”

“I’m going to drag two new people to the game on Sunday. I think we can make a mark and make it more enjoyable for new spectators. Let’s get the place rocking again, get the red and whites out!”

Looking at Dewsbury, Rowley said: “They’ve been brilliant all year. We had a real tough fixture down at their place and they are back on form, they are back clocking up the wins. They are obviously a very good side.

“It gets no easier and it’s pretty repetitive from us because we have to be good and we usually find that teams slip up after they have played us because they think it’s a big game and everyone wants to knock us because we are top of the league.

“We are playing everyone at their absolute best and Whitehaven showed that at the weekend, how fired up and focused they were.

“We need to prepare for everyone’s best effort against us and our best efforts need to be given as well to make sure we keep getting those wins.”

However, the Leigh boss takes it as a compliment.

“It’s a big compliment,” he added. “Would we have it any other way? Well back probably 15 years ago you had those weeks where you were pretty nailed on to rack up a few points and rest a couple of players.

“I think it’s certainly good for the game now that the Championship is competitive. Top can beat bottom, but bottom can also beat top. It’s pretty even today.”

Centurions are boosted by Tom Armstrong returning to training, but Rowley said Leigh will not risk players who are not fully fit.

Rowley admitted the club have been early in sorting players’ futures, but feels there is no rush.

“It’s all pretty relaxed,” he explained. “We are really early and we intended to be. The important bit for us is that we are starting to look at getting our staff nailed down. Those announcements will be imminent.

“It’s important that everyone’s future is secure and the logistics and fundamentals are in place for moving to full-time.

“We’ve got a young team of coaching staff, medical staff, a masseur and everyone else. We work well with one another and respect and challenge each other.

“We have varying degrees of experience from within the game. As the club progresses that side will grow as well.”

The reserves returned enjoyed a 68-0 success over Cumbria Regional Academy at Golborne on Saturday with centre Eze Harper and wing Tyler Spence particularly impressive.

They are at home this Saturday against The Midlands at Leigh RUFC on Hand Lane, 2.30pm.