I AM writing about Wigan Council and the recycling bins that it wants us to use.

When we moved into our home five months ago, there was no blue bin. After constant contact with the council, we finally got one but getting it emptied is another story.

This bin has not been emptied for about three months.

After every collection, we call the council and lodge our complaint, only to be told ‘it will be logged and sent to the supervisor’. Nobody ever gets in touch.

Our blue bin is full to the brim and it will be another four weeks that we cannot put paper or cardboard in it.

The green bin is the same. The bins are left at the side of the busy main road, so they are seen, but obviously ignored.

I feel like dragging the bins to the town hall and tipping them all over the reception floor. Perhaps then, this council will do something about it.

If I don’t pay my council tax, they soon let me know. I am paying to have my bins emptied, isn’t it time they did their job?