WHEN thinking about the Budget I anticipated that once again the working man, woman and pensioner would have to pay more taxes.

Is it just me or has it become an accepted way of life to hear about working families and pensioners having to make daily life and death decisions over providing adequate care and support for a loved one due to the lack of everything – including housing, hospital beds, care homes, day centres and care in the community – because of the lack of funding?

And is it just me or are lifeline PIP benefits being cut, causing anguish and pain to genuine claimants?

Whatever anyone’s political sympathies are we must realise that every member of Parliament and all council departments and public services – including police, schools and council housing – depend on funding from income taxes and council taxes along with national insurance taken from everyone who is wage earning.

It therefore follows that everyone who is working must keep those who are not.

The problem for every chancellor trying to balance the books is, and again it doesn’t matter which political party you support, it seems that there are more people claiming benefits and needing support than are working and able to pay taxes.

I ask a very simple question to all politicians, what has happened to our society to allow this to happen to our once great country?

Bob Welch

Butts Bridge