REGARDING previous letters in the Journal about cars parking on pavements, I am registered blind and it is important to me to have clear, safe and unobstructed footpaths.

Unlike sighted people I do not have the luxury of either crossing the road or walking along the carriageway, nor changing my planned route with ease.

There is a growing problem in the Tyldesley area and I would ask that residents and shopkeepers take action to ensure the footpaths are kept clear, not only for the blind and partially sighted but for wheelchair users and parents with pushchairs, who need space too.

I am aware that some police officers claim not to have the powers to deal with such obstructions, but I would point out that the Town Police Clauses Act (1874) makes it an offence to obstruct the pavement and so the police do have power to take action where they see an offence of this nature committed.

In addition, the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (1984) gives officers the power to arrest any person in order to prevent an obstruction to the highway.

If the chief constable so wishes he could add to PCSOs’ powers and enable them to deal with this issue.

Both the National Federation for the Blind of the UK and the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) are targeting this issue as they feel it has been neglected and our safety has been, and is being, compromised.

Frank Parkinson

Birch Street