I RECENTLY received a no doubt expensively produced booklet on the importance of correct recycling to save us all money.

Last Monday our blue bin was due to be emptied for the first time in four weeks, but it wasn’t.

It wasn’t just our bin but the whole street and probably adjacent streets too.

Last Tuesday morning I reported the missed collection via the ‘my bin hasn’t been collected’ facility on Wigan Council’s website.

I got an automatic response, that advises not to reply, with what I can only describe as a threat.

The reply tells me I cannot leave any excess waste in my bins for the next collection.

To say the least that was not very helpful as a solution. Especially as my blue bin was full and not scheduled to be emptied for another four weeks.

How many reports of missed bins does the council get every week?

Back in June one of our bins wasn’t emptied.

On that occasion we hadn’t been sent the correct bin emptying schedule.

We didn’t get much of an apology that time, just a new schedule along with the inference that the delivery contractor had delivered schedules to the wrong address.

It is about time the council learnt some humility and issued a proper apology rather than threats.

Until then, if the council can’t be bothered, why should I be?

Peter Paddon

Hollins Close